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Reclaimed Materials

There are many species of material that are Reclaimed. By reclaimed we are referring to material that has been a post, beam, piling, old siding or facing for approximately 100 years. It has been salvaged and re-sawn into wood flooring or some other interior finish material i.e.: paneling, ceiling decking, wainscoting. This material is available in many types: The primary species are Heart Pine, Chestnut, Oak, Eastern White Pine, Several types of Barn wood including types of Tobacco wood salvaged from the inside of old Tobacco plantations. Due to the increased interest in reclaimed material there are always new sources and new "types" of material on the market.

Please remember that because we are dealing with a finite resource these types of products are at the top end, in terms of pricing, in the flooring market.

International - Review the Gallery!
We have just returned from France with some very special reclaimed products. Take a look through some photos in our online gallery. For more information on these unique and exciting pieces contact Mark Shaff at (775) 329-6279 or email him today.

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